Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive

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By Jessie Villanueva

why is take 5 oil change so expensive

You just received your bill and you are wondering “Why is Take 5 oil change so expensive!” I have been there myself and I can think of 6 reasons why. Before we delve into those reasons, I would first like to applaud you for taking care of your car. Indeed, regular oil changes are like the health check-ups for your vehicle, ensuring its engine stays in top-notch condition, operates smoothly, and saves you from unexpected breakdowns while enhancing fuel efficiency.

When it comes to trustworthy oil services, Take 5 Oil Change is a popular choice. Yet, some drivers might wonder: Why is Take 5 oil change so expensive? In this blog post, we’ll dissect the costs associated with Take 5 oil changes, giving you insights into why this option might be a bit pricier.

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Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive?

Now let’s explore the reasons that make Take 5 Oil change service quite expensive as compared to other providers.

1. Convenience and Speed

When it comes to Take 5 Oil Change’s slightly higher prices, the convenience and speed they bring to the table are the main contributing factors. Their business strategy centers on delivering a hassle-free and speedy oil change experience, removing the need for customers to schedule appointments or undergo lengthy waits at traditional repair shops. This time-saving advantage does come at a premium, but customers willingly opt for it to spare themselves the hassle and get back on the road swiftly.

2. Diverse Service

In addition to addressing your car oil changing concerns, Take 5 offers various extra services such as air filter replacement, car washes and wiper blade replacement to keep your car in top-notch shape. While these services can be helpful, you will have to pay extra to take advantage of them. This factor increases the overall cost of your experience at Take 5.

3. Labor Costs

Take 5 Oil Change technicians undergo proper training to ensure efficiency and quality. The competitive labor market along with the hefty investment in training contributes to their increased labor costs compared to independent mechanics.

4. Service Bundles and Upselling

Take 5 Oil Change often offers upsells and service bundles, motivating customers to purchase additional services beyond the basic oil change. While these services may be helpful, they contribute to the overall higher cost of the experience.

5. Paying for Perceived Quality

Customers often perceive Take 5 Oil Change as a premium service and are willing to pay a little extra for the convenience and perceived quality. This perception strengthens the company’s ability to maintain higher prices compared to less stable brands.

6. Location

The cost of operating and doing business can vary by a considerable amount depending on the location of the Take 5 Oil Change service center. In areas where the cost of living is higher, the prices may be higher as well to reflect the elevated cost of the automotive business.

Plus, some locations may have higher utilities, rent or labor costs, which can contribute to the overall high price of an oil change.

A Brief Background of Take 5

Take 5 is a chain of oil change centers providing essential car service and maintenance. While renowned for its efficient oil change services, Take 5 offers more than just that. Let’s take a closer look at the services that it offers:

Services Offered By Take 5

1. Oil Changes

Among Take 5’s standout services, their most popular offering is the oil change. Aptly named “Stay-in-Your-Car,” this service lets you stay comfortably seated in your vehicle while the technician takes care of your engine lube.

The beauty of it? You remain in the driver’s seat, and all communication happens right there in your car. Any questions from the technician? Just roll down the side window. Once the job is done, they’ll ask you to hit the road.

Take 5 values your time, ensuring you don’t have to wait around. There’s no need to carve out extra time because they aim to get you on your way as swiftly as possible. Your convenience is their priority, making your visit a seamless and time-efficient experience.

2. Car Washes

professional car wash

When it comes to car washes, Take 5 has got you covered. Their thorough scrubbing services are designed to tackle a range of car issues, including dull paint, marks, fine lines, dirt, faded paint, permeability, and under chassis rust. Addressing these concerns helps prevent premature aging of your vehicle.

Take 5 offers four car wash tiers, each providing a different level of cleaning. The process includes bug pre-shampooing, utilizing materials such as Triple Clean Spot Free Clean, Spot Free Clean, Tire Shine, and Rust Prevention. For a top-tier experience, the Pro 5 package not only includes the mentioned features but also provides access to repellent and wax services.

Take 5 goes the extra mile by offering unlimited car wash packages with additional features to ensure your car receives the best cleaning services available.

3. Wiper Blade Replacement

Does your car require new windshield wipers? Take 5 can also handle it for you. Technicians can replace wiper blades during an oil change or you can use wiper Blade Replacement as a standalone service.

4. Engine Air Filter Replacement

A clean filter is essential for the good performance of the vehicle. If the filter is not cleaned, it accumulates debris in the car’s combustion chamber. And if the chamber becomes clogged, it can stop your vehicle’s motor from running. It is a must for Every oil changer at Take 5 to check the filter, so the air filter is examined thoroughly here.

Take 5 Oil Change Price List

An oil change cost at Take 5 ranges from $5.97 to $9.97 per quart, depending on the type of oil you opt for.

Type Of Oil ChangePrice Per Quarts Of Oil
Conventional oil$5.97
Synthetic blend$7.97
High mileage$6.97
Mobil 1$9.97
car oil check dip stick

Comparing Prices Of Take 5 Oil Change with Other Providers

When it comes to getting the oil of your vehicle changed, comparing prices between different brands can be a useful way to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. The table below will provide you with a comprehensive idea of the price difference between Take 5 and other providers.

DealerPrice of standard Oil ChangePrice of Full Synthetic Oil Change
Take 5$49.99$79.99
Grease Monkey$29.99$79.99

Concluding Why Is Take 5 Oil Change So Expensive

Take 5 is a well known brand specializing in oil changes, operating since 1984. They offer various kinds of oil changes but most people perceive that they are expensive. It’s true that Take 5 is more expensive than others. The main reason behind their expensiveness is the quality of the service you get from the qualified and highly trained technicians. People who prefer quality over price are willing to pay extra for the quality and service. I am not ashamed to say I’m one of those people!

Take 5 oil change so expensive? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely!!